Parrots First Adoptions

At Parrots First, parrot adoption, care education, and rescue are not a few of the things we do; they are the ONLY things we do.

Parrot Adoption Application (Either print and mail to Parrots First or fill out online, save to your computer, and email to Parrots First)

Parrot Adoption Policy Form (Download, sign, and send in a copy of this form)

List of Parrot Adoption Donation Amounts

There is a long list of wonderful parrots waiting to enter our parrot adoption program. Remember, we turn away an average of 30 birds each month due to lack of foster and adoptive homes. Please consider fostering a bird or making your next bird a “rescue” bird.

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Parrots First’s Parrot Adoption Policy:

– We do not ship birds within or outside of the State of California. You must live within driving distance of an authorized representative of Parrots First for your application to be considered.

– You MUST attend our “Basic Bird Care” class BEFORE your application will be considered. There will be no exceptions no matter how many birds you have owned before or currently.

– An authorized representative of Parrots First will perform an in-home visit PRIOR to your application being approved.

– Attending our class and having an in-home visit does NOT guarantee that you will be given a bird. Parrots First reserves the right to stop the adoption process at any point if we feel it is not in the birds best interest to be placed in your home.

– ALL birds will have an “Adoption Donation” which will be determined by Parrots First. There are NO exceptions to the parrot adoption fee, it is our primary source of revenue.

– All birds in foster care are the property of Parrots First and remain so until an adoption agreement has been signed. When you agree to provide foster care for a Parrots First bird, you do not OWN that bird. You are providing care until we find a permanent home for the bird. We retain the right to show the bird to prospective adopters, and you agree to make the bird available to us for the purpose of meeting possible new homes.

– All people interested in adopting from Parrots First must first read the Parrot Adoption Policy Form and sign that they understand and agree to its terms.

We believe that even though we are asking a lot from you, sharing your home with a parrot is a life long commitment and should not be taken lightly. A parrot can offer you a lifetime of companionship. Thank you for your support of Parrots First. We appreciate your interest in providing a home for a previously unwanted bird.

Because we require an in-home visit prior to adopting and several follow-up visits during the probationary adoption period, we can only adopt within Los Angeles, Orange, parts of Santa Barbara, Riverside and San Diego Counties (trips to counties outside of Los Angeles will be decided on a case by case basis, based on the information in your application). If you are outside of these areas, we will gladly help you find an adoption group closer to you. You can also check the resources on the Avian Welfare Coalition website.