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So, one month in to the new year of 2010 Parrots First finds itself in the same situation as many other non profits. The need for our services is growing every single day, while donations are shrinking fast.  Since the first of January Parrots first has turned away 17 birds for lack of foster homes or lack of funds to provide needed veterinary care.

So much of what we hope to accomplish this year will depend on funds and needed volunteers.  Hoping for a great year for

Cockatoos to Good Homes

mailI was looking on Craigs List and decided to look for Cockatoos. I was so saddened to see more than 20 cockatoos in need of new homes. Noise, biting and “my spouse is not a fan” were the main reasons.

Parrots First currently has 6 toos in their care. They are fabulous, but also so much work.

Wish we could get everyone wishing to share their life with a too to see some of the mutilators and pickers and know what could go wrong before they decide.

Doc’s Back and Dancin Again


Even with all the love and nurturing that his foster mom gave him Doc once again retreated to the back of his cage.

The tough decision was made to bring him back to Parrots First. He is doing well, dancing and talking again.

Doc will definetley need a sponsor as he does not seem to want to leave.

Now You See Her And Now You Don’t

DSCN0301For years we have worked with our parrots with positive reinforcement.  Sure it can take a bit longer, but in the end it is the only way to be sure that  trust will develop. This is true when dealing with all creatures.

About six months ago a gorgeous cat appeared in my backyard.  I began to leave food for her and she would come by to eat every evening.  She would run if she saw us, but kept coming back.  I began to worry if she was late.  I wondered if she had been unable to out run the coyotes that frequent my yard.  Over time she would stay and eat even if I was in view behind the window.  I longed for the day that I could get close enough to hear her meow.  I began to refer to her as Kitty Kid.  I would see her and then she would dart off. Never did I do anything to suggest to her that I would grab her or do anything other than provide food and water and a calm voice. Kitty Kid stayed all winter and in the summer began to nap near our aviaries during the late afternoon.

On a very ordinary day Kitty Kid decided to enter my kitchen and eat her food.  This went on for about a month.  On my birthday this year she gave me a special gift.  Kitty Kid jumped in my lap. The very next day she was gone, but it was ok.  She went in to a carrier and was taken off to Kitten Rescue to be cared for and to find a forever home.

I miss you Kitty Kid, but know that you are now safe.

I am grateful that I was able to gain her trust.  She is but another animal that came through my life on the way to a happy ever after.

Leisure World for Ex-Breeders

greysParrots First just  took in a second group of birds retired from a breeder in Utah.  These birds were brought to us by Best Friends Animal Society.  Although some of the birds seemed very frightened by the long trip and the changes, they are all doing well.  We will be particularly following the progress of two very shy Timneh grey

Empty Nest aka Empty Aviary

The baby canary wings left today to be released. It was with mixed feelings that frank and I netted them and out them in to a carry cage. They spent last night in the cage and were picked up this morning by a volunteer of Valley Wildlife Care. We will worry about their safety and well being, but know that they are free to soar in the trees of West Hollywood. It was our absolute privilege to care for them and watch them develop. Hope they don’t miss their steamed sweet potatoes too much!

Thank you Brenda(of Valley Wildlife Care) for allowing us to participate in their care.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I have preached the joys of fostering to so many people over the years. I am always telling new recruits how being a foster parent can give so many parrots a new chance on a full and happy life. I sincerely believe this is true. I am always asked how it is possible to let them go after caring for them and helping them trust again. It is possible to do I say, but it is sometimes very very painful.

Doc is one of those special cases. Doc has been with Parrots First for almost two years now. He came to us so disturbed that he did not exit his cage for at least six months. He befriended my son, my son’s girlfriend and then my husband. It was well in to our first full year with Doc before he stopped running every time he saw me. I was the last family member that Doc let in to his life.

In this past year Doc started to seek out every visitor to our home. He dances and asks to be scratched and petted. I am now able to put Doc to bed and get an unsolicited kiss goodnight.

Today Doc’s life changes. Doc has been getting to know a woman with a female goffins that wishes to adopt Doc and today he left for his new home.

I will miss him terribly! I never thought I would be given the privilege of petting him or kissing him. I am thankful that he gave me those gifts. I love him and wish him well.

Friends have asked why I don’t keep Doc in my home. My answer is that I love him enough to let him have a life where he will get more of the attention that he deserves with a person young enough to see him through his life.

Doc, I will miss you! You are always welcome back if it does not work out, but I sure hope it does.

New Kids on the Block

Meet the newest residents at Parrots First. 9 Canary Winged Parakeet babies. These babies fell from trees in different locations and were hand fed by Valley Wildlife Care Center volunteers. Now they are flying in an aviary to get ready to hopefully join their flocks.

They are soooo cute!

Parrot Festival

Parrots First had a very busy weekend. We were asked to participate in the first annual Parrot Festival at Pets of Wilshire in Santa Monica.

Parrots First was pleased to accept after speaking with owner Karin. Pets of Wilshire would no longer be selling parrots in the store. Instead, adoptions would be encouraged. This is a concept that is working well for dogs and cats in stores, and maybe catching on for parrots as well.

Parrots First applauds Karin’s decision.

Salsa and I were pleasantly surprised at the huge selection of great parrot toys and food. There are toys for every type and size of parrot and many great foraging type.

The staff was both knowledgeable and cordial.

Check out Pets of Wilshire and give Karin the thumbs up for her love of parrots and their welfare.

Gracie and George


Gracie and George are two special needs Amazons. They came to Parrots First about 6 weeks ago after being confiscated from an alleged animal harder. They are the sweetest pair! We feared that they may not find the perfect forever home for a while, as not everyone is able to deal with their special needs. Both are missing toes and have toes that are deformed making it challenging to get around and to step up. Don’t tell them they have a disability, as it does not stop them from coming out and exploring their surroundings.

Today Gracie and George went to live with Alice who fell madly in love with them the first time that she saw them.

Good luck you three and have a great life together!