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So, one month in to the new year of 2010 Parrots First finds itself in the same situation as many other non profits. The need for our services is growing every single day, while donations are shrinking fast.  Since the first of January Parrots first has turned away 17 birds for lack of foster homes [...]

Cockatoos to Good Homes

I was looking on Craigs List and decided to look for Cockatoos. I was so saddened to see more than 20 cockatoos in need of new homes. Noise, biting and “my spouse is not a fan” were the main reasons. Parrots First currently has 6 toos in their care. They are fabulous, but also so [...]

Doc’s Back and Dancin Again

Even with all the love and nurturing that his foster mom gave him Doc once again retreated to the back of his cage. The tough decision was made to bring him back to Parrots First. He is doing well, dancing and talking again. Doc will definetley need a sponsor as he does not seem to [...]

Now You See Her And Now You Don’t

For years we have worked with our parrots with positive reinforcement.  Sure it can take a bit longer, but in the end it is the only way to be sure that  trust will develop. This is true when dealing with all creatures. About six months ago a gorgeous cat appeared in my backyard.  I began [...]

Leisure World for Ex-Breeders

Parrots First just  took in a second group of birds retired from a breeder in Utah.  These birds were brought to us by Best Friends Animal Society.  Although some of the birds seemed very frightened by the long trip and the changes, they are all doing well.  We will be particularly following the progress of [...]