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Archive for the ‘Adoptions’ Category

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I have preached the joys of fostering to so many people over the years. I am always telling new recruits how being a foster parent can give so many parrots a new chance on a full and happy life. I sincerely believe this is true. I am always asked how it is possible to let [...]

Parrot Festival

Parrots First had a very busy weekend. We were asked to participate in the first annual Parrot Festival at Pets of Wilshire in Santa Monica. Parrots First was pleased to accept after speaking with owner Karin. Pets of Wilshire would no longer be selling parrots in the store. Instead, adoptions would be encouraged. This is [...]

Gracie and George

GRACIE AND GEORGE LEAVE PARROTS FIRST Gracie and George are two special needs Amazons. They came to Parrots First about 6 weeks ago after being confiscated from an alleged animal harder. They are the sweetest pair! We feared that they may not find the perfect forever home for a while, as not everyone is able [...]