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Parrot Festival

Parrots First had a very busy weekend. We were asked to participate in the first annual Parrot Festival at Pets of Wilshire in Santa Monica.

Parrots First was pleased to accept after speaking with owner Karin. Pets of Wilshire would no longer be selling parrots in the store. Instead, adoptions would be encouraged. This is a concept that is working well for dogs and cats in stores, and maybe catching on for parrots as well.

Parrots First applauds Karin’s decision.

Salsa and I were pleasantly surprised at the huge selection of great parrot toys and food. There are toys for every type and size of parrot and many great foraging type.

The staff was both knowledgeable and cordial.

Check out Pets of Wilshire and give Karin the thumbs up for her love of parrots and their welfare.

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