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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I have preached the joys of fostering to so many people over the years. I am always telling new recruits how being a foster parent can give so many parrots a new chance on a full and happy life. I sincerely believe this is true. I am always asked how it is possible to let them go after caring for them and helping them trust again. It is possible to do I say, but it is sometimes very very painful.

Doc is one of those special cases. Doc has been with Parrots First for almost two years now. He came to us so disturbed that he did not exit his cage for at least six months. He befriended my son, my son’s girlfriend and then my husband. It was well in to our first full year with Doc before he stopped running every time he saw me. I was the last family member that Doc let in to his life.

In this past year Doc started to seek out every visitor to our home. He dances and asks to be scratched and petted. I am now able to put Doc to bed and get an unsolicited kiss goodnight.

Today Doc’s life changes. Doc has been getting to know a woman with a female goffins that wishes to adopt Doc and today he left for his new home.

I will miss him terribly! I never thought I would be given the privilege of petting him or kissing him. I am thankful that he gave me those gifts. I love him and wish him well.

Friends have asked why I don’t keep Doc in my home. My answer is that I love him enough to let him have a life where he will get more of the attention that he deserves with a person young enough to see him through his life.

Doc, I will miss you! You are always welcome back if it does not work out, but I sure hope it does.

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