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Now You See Her And Now You Don’t

DSCN0301For years we have worked with our parrots with positive reinforcement.  Sure it can take a bit longer, but in the end it is the only way to be sure that  trust will develop. This is true when dealing with all creatures.

About six months ago a gorgeous cat appeared in my backyard.  I began to leave food for her and she would come by to eat every evening.  She would run if she saw us, but kept coming back.  I began to worry if she was late.  I wondered if she had been unable to out run the coyotes that frequent my yard.  Over time she would stay and eat even if I was in view behind the window.  I longed for the day that I could get close enough to hear her meow.  I began to refer to her as Kitty Kid.  I would see her and then she would dart off. Never did I do anything to suggest to her that I would grab her or do anything other than provide food and water and a calm voice. Kitty Kid stayed all winter and in the summer began to nap near our aviaries during the late afternoon.

On a very ordinary day Kitty Kid decided to enter my kitchen and eat her food.  This went on for about a month.  On my birthday this year she gave me a special gift.  Kitty Kid jumped in my lap. The very next day she was gone, but it was ok.  She went in to a carrier and was taken off to Kitten Rescue to be cared for and to find a forever home.

I miss you Kitty Kid, but know that you are now safe.

I am grateful that I was able to gain her trust.  She is but another animal that came through my life on the way to a happy ever after.

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