Sponsor Chuck

Sponsor Chuck!

Chuck is still with us at Parrots First, even if Camilla isn’t. We hope a sponsor can care for Chuck as much as Camilla did.

Sponsor Chuck!

Chuck and Camilla loved each other very much and were a bonded pair for many years.

All About Chuck
Chuck, an older Nanday Conure, has been in a foster home since 2007. He came to Parrots First in 2005 with his mate, Camilla. They were in a dreadful pet store. They were first seen by a woman filming a documentary about the plight of parrots in pet stores. This woman purchased Chuck and Camilla and brought them to Parrots First. Upon arrival, Camilla was so weak that we thought we would lose her. With proper veterinary attention and loving care from Chuck who adored her, she lived several more years before passing on. Chuck is missing a foot but still gets around very well.

Why Sponsor Chuck?
Chuck is getting on in years, has gout, and needs to be checked by his veterinarian often. Chuck is not a candidate for adoption due to the traumatic nature of his past.

Chuck’s Favorite Things
Chuck loves to preen sisal!

How to Sponsor Chuck ($15 per month or $180 per year)

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  2. Indicate that you are sponsoring Chuck in the “Designation” field. If your sponsorship is a gift, please indicate the name of the recipient in the “Dedication or Gift” field.

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Other Parrots First Sponsorship Program Policies
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