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Doc is a very soft, 14-year old, male Goffin’s Cockatoo. He is a sensitive bird who appears to have suffered severe emotional strain from losing his parent of 10 years. When he first arrived at Parrots First, Doc would not even come out of his cage. Since then, he has come a long way and now enjoys being very social. He will even cuddle up to your neck, dance with you for hours, and mumble various odd phrases and words. Unfortunately, Doc is easily scared and when he gets scared, he associates people with his fear. Thus, at this point in his life, Doc has difficulty forming long-term bonds with people. Although he currently appears to be a very happy parrot, he may never be emotionally stable enough to be adopted.

Why Sponsor Doc
Doc will potentially be a long-term resident of Parrots First if we can’t find him just the right forever home. We believe Doc will do fine if adopted by the right person, but so far we have not found them. He has been adopted before with poor results. He scares easily and often becomes fearful of his caretaker. He then retreats to his cage.

Doc’s Favorite Things
Doc LOVES to dance. He loves long showers, shreddable small toys, and tiny bead toys.
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