Sponsor Mango

Sponsor Mango
This is Mango now. Happy,
healthy, and a handful.
Sponsor Mango
This was Mango before
she came to Parrots First.

All About Mango
Mango is a 16-year-old Goffin’s Cockatoo. Many years ago, when Mango started picking out her feathers, she was relinquished to a horribly managed backyard “sanctuary.” The 83-year-old woman who ran this sanctuary incorrectly told Mango’s original caregiver that Mango needed to breed, and that was why Mango was pulling out her feathers. When Parrots First heard about the horrific conditions in which the parrots at this sanctuary lived, we went there to investigate. Several volunteers were able to get the woman to allow them help her care for the birds. We could not get the other 200+ birds out, but we were able to get her to release Mango, who was in very bad health at the time. She had a large, infected hole in her chest and was, in general, a mess. Animal Control was of no help, as is usually the case with parrots.

Five years later, Mango is doing well. She still self-mutilates at times but not to the same degree. Mango still has night frights, probably because of the large number of rats that were on her cage and the other sanctuary cages at night. Mango also has failing kidneys from lack of proper nutrition and lack of fresh water. She is on a special diet and, despite her hardships, she is a very happy and active parrot.

Why Sponsor Mango?
Mango needs sponsoring for regular veterinary visits to check on kidney issues resulting from an unhealthy living environment she was in before she came to Parrots First. She also needs lots and lots of shreddable toys for her busy beak.

Mango’s Favorite Things
She enjoys getting lots of attention, neck scratches, and destroying bead toys faster than we can give them to her.

How to Sponsor Mango ($35 per month or $420 per year)

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