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All About Ozzy
In 2008, after their caregiver died, Ozzy, a Hybrid Macaw, came to Parrots First as a part of a bonded pair with Sharon, a Blue-and-gold Macaw who passed away in January 2016. Ozzy was very attached to Sharon, but is recovering well since her passing. Ozzy has proven to be very lovable and will most likely be ready for an adoptive home some time in the future.

Why Sponsor Ozzy?
Parrots First does not separate bonded pairs. It’s hard to rehome a full-grown Macaw, let alone two (and Sharon was a special needs bird). Ozzy will at some point most likely become adoptable now that he’s no longer part of a bonded pair, but until then, Parrots First wants to ensure that he recovers fully from his losing Sharon and is fully ready for adoption.

Ozzy’s Favorite Things
Ozzy is proving to be a truly loveable bird who is learning to interact well with humans. He loves to destroy Birdie Bagels and can reduce several to dust in a very short time. He also plows through fresh-cut wood like a wood chipper.

How to Sponsor Ozzy ($55 per month or $660 per year)

  1. Click on the Network for Good icon below, which is the online payment portal for Parrots First (Network for Good will allow you to donate using PayPal if you prefer).
  2. Indicate that you are sponsoring Sharon and Ozzy in the “Designation” field. If your sponsorship is a gift, please indicate the name of the recipient in the “Dedication or Gift” field.

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Payment Options
Payment can be made either through monthly installments or one-time donations. Once your sponsorship is processed, Parrots First will mail you a Certificate of Sponsorship with a picture and short biography of the sponsored bird. You will also be provided with periodic updates on your sponsored bird.

Other Parrots First Sponsorship Program Policies
Sponsorship of a bird does not affect the adoption process in any way, either for that bird or for any other bird. Parrots First and its Board of Directors shall have sole discretion to disperse Sponsorship funds for the care of the specified bird or any other bird in the Parrots First System (care includes, but is not limited to, veterinary expenses, food, supplies, or other expenses). Sponsors will be notified in the event that their sponsored bird is adopted or passes away and will be provided with an option to continue the term of their sponsorship with a new bird of their choosing. Sponsors may terminate their sponsorship at any time with notice given to Parrots First.Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by State and Federal Law

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