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 Tito the Mitred Conure  Blu the Blue Crowned Conure

All About Tito
Tito is a Mitred Conure who was captured as a wild bird and brought to this country from her natural home and habitat. Tito came to us as the dying wish of a woman who had a terminal illness. The woman had bought Tito at the Quarantine Station when she got to the United States. Tito had lived with her for over 25 years in a tiny parakeet cage. Tito’s “perch” was a small box. Tito has been a picker for almost as long as she has been in captivity. She has downy feathers on her chest, but due to follicle damage, she will never be fully feathered.Since Tito has come to us, she has learned to love her time out of the cage. In fact she is happiest when she is outside in the aviary with his new friend Blu. Blu is a Blue Crowned Conure who lost his lower beak in an accident and can no longer preen himself successfully. Tito and Blu spend their days together in the outdoor aviary with little Chevi, a naturalized (wild) Chevron Wing Parakeet who came to live with us after he broke his wing. The three of them have a lot of fun together.

Why Sponsor Tito?
Tito’s caregiver was unable to give us any support for Tito’s future needs.

Tito’s Favorite Things
Playing with and preening her good friend, Blu. Drinking water (especially when the bowl is personally held for her like the princess she is). Fresh food, chewing on soft rope and birdie kabobs.

All About Blu
Blu is a Blue Crowned Conure and is one of Parrots First’s “found” birds; fortunately for him, he was found right after he flew into a window and broke off his lower mandible (beak). Blu was originally turned in to a wildlife rescue who sent Blu to us after he healed from his surgeries. Blu’s lower beak cannot be replaced by prosthesis, but that hasn’t stopped Blu from being a fairly normal conure. He eats primarily soft foods, but he still manages to open some smaller seeds and grains.Blu has made friends with another of Parrots First’s sponsored birds, a Mitred conure named Tito. Blu and Tito like to go outside during the day in the aviary and play and preen each other all day. Tito is a big help to Blu, because Blu can’t really preen himself too well without that lower beak. Tito has never been able to make any bird friends before, despite her very bird-friendly nature, so this is wonderful for both of them, since they are both going to be with Parrots First on a long-term basis.

Why Sponsor Blu?
Blu requires monthly work on his upper beak, which overgrows to compensate for having no bottom beak.

Blu’s Favorite Things
Playing and being preened by his good friend, Tito. Fresh food and soft rope toys.

Sponsor Tito and Blu

Tito and Blu share an aviary with a Indian Ringneck Parakeet named Kiwi, and, warm weather permitting, a mostly featherless Blue Crowned Conure named Grover.

How to Sponsor Tito & Blu (FOR BOTH: $50 per month or $600 per year; INDIVIDUALLY: $25 per month or $300 per year)

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Other Parrots First Sponsorship Program Policies
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